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Class Information: 

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Date Notes Given
Notes Topic

Word Structure; common prefix and suffixes; make flash cards and study for quizes:

Combining forms: (3 groups/ 2 or 3 quizzes) - write the word on one side of half an index card and the meaning of the word on the opposite side:

Group 1: -algia = pain, dys- = difficult, painful, bad, -ectomy = surgical removal, hyper- = increased, excessive, or above normal, hypo- = decreased, deficient, or below normal, -itis = inflammation, -osis =abnormal condition, -ostomy = creating a new (artificial) opening, -otomy = surgical incision, -plasty = surgical repair, -rrhage = bursting forth, usually of blood, -rrhaphy = to suture/stitch, -rrhea = excessive flow, -rrhexis = rupture, sclerosis = abnormal hardening, sub- = below/under, -gram = record, -graphy = process of recording, -scopy = to visually examine; stenosis = abnormal narrowing; -malacia = abnormal softening; ology = study of; supra- = above


Group 2: leuk/o = white, erythr/o = red, melan/o = black, poli/o = gray, cardi/o = heart, necrosis = tissue death, arteri/o = artery, inter- = between, intra- = within or inside. hepat/o = liver, append/o = appendix, pre- = before, post- = after, laceration, inflammation, sign, symptom, diagnosis, prognosis, eponym, acronym, -megaly = enlargement, cost/o = rib; lith/o = stone; ab- = away from, ad- = toward


Group 3: peri- surrounding, nat/o = birth, ot/o = ear, rhin/o = nose, laryng/o =larynx and throat , myel/o = spinal cord, -pathy = disease process, gastr/o = stomach, enter/o = small intestines; myc/o = fungus, my/o = muscle, ather/o = plaque or fatty substance, arthr/o =  joint, angi/o = vessel, pyel/o = renal pelvis, neur/o = nerve, py/o = pus, pyr/o = fever, palpation, palpitation, ilium, ileum, fissure, fistula

prefixes and suffixes - see handout. concentrate on the following word parts for quiz: scope, scopy, opsy, pathy, ectomy, otomy, emia, y, ion, logist, ist, logi, cyte, gen, ic, al, genic, peri, sub, supra, epi, endo, ex, re, trans, hyper, hypo, dia, pro, pre, post, auto, gram, graphy

Exercises Chapter 1

Study guide for Chapter 1 Exam


Aug  My Body Project - due ; word part review exercises


My Body as a Whole ppt - covered cells, tissues; labeling cells and cell types; 9/6/2012 - assigned a cell metaphor - create a diagram comparing some organization to the structures in a cell see

Exercises Chapter 2;

words to review for quiz - chapter 2 combining forms in addition to p. 22:


Chrom/o, proxim/o, medi/o, dors/o, dist/o, ventr/o, later/o, home/o, crani/o, abdomin/o, pelv/o, chondr/o, gastr/o, lumb/o, inguin/o, thorac/o, spin/o, umbilic/o, retr/o, -crine, viscer/o, kary/o, thel/o, trache/o, spin/o, ili/o



 Discussed organs and body systems, handout of body systems, - body cavities (see body as a whole ppt). 
Assigned - "Wanted poster" - create a wanted poster for your assign organ inc description of the structure and picture, what it is wanted for (i.e., functions), where it can be found (i.e., cavity), what gang it belongs to (i.e., body system), tactics to capture it (i.e., diseases) and reward - due

 Continue discussion on body organization - body cavities labeling and planes; divisions of the abdomen and back.

Discuss directional terms and play games (inc. Simon says); Exercise G, H, I - p. 62; Assign Body, Inc project



Work on Body, Inc - small group project - due Sept. 27th  see rubric

 Chapter 2 Exam Review


Digestive System - Combining forms vocab -

Group 1 -

or/o, pharang/o, esophag/o, gastr/o, enter/o, col/o, an/o,  hepat/o, cholecyst/o, labi/o, faci/o, cheil/o, cec/o, lingu/o, gloss/o, dent/i, append/o, bucc/o, duoden/o, lapar/o, jejun/o, gingiv/o, celi/o,

Group 2 - 

lith/o, glyc/o, palat/o, odont/o, stomat/o, rect/o, lip/o, chol/e, sial/o, chlorhydr/o, prote/o, proct/o, sigmoid/o, amyl/o, -ase, -chezia, -iasis, -prandial, pancreat/o

Digestive System - ppt

Digestive System Diagram

Webquest Assignment

webquest - Lets eat and what can go wrong ruberic.doc

Journey of the Cheeseburger due -   - Instructions
Digestion terminology; Digestive System Exercises

Digestive Review


 KURL - virus may cause obesity

 Disorders of the GI System - may be helpful for webquest


Skeletal Exercises

Skeletal Vocab

Skeletal Diagram

skeletal lecture ppt

Bone outline

Joint Outline

Labeling of long bones

Labeling divisions of the spine

Coloring sheet - anatomy of a bone

Combining forms - need to make flash cards and study for quiz =  ankl/o, arthr/o, chondr/o, cost/o, crani/o, - desis, kyph/o, lord/o, -lysis, myel/o,scoli/o, spondly/o, synovi/o or synov/o, - um,  -clast, -physis

oss/e. oss/i, ost/o, oste/o

 Also review structures: scapul/o, patell/o, cost/o, clavicul/o, ili/o, carp/o, maxill/o, uln/o, tibi/o, perone/o 


Urinary System

Urinary System exercises

Urinary System Combining forms group 1 - cyst/o, nephr/o, pyel/o, ureter/o, ren/o, urethr/o, dips/o, olig/o, azot/o, -uria, poly-, noct/i, glyc/o, py/o, & tripsy

Urinary System ppt 

 Urinary terminology handout 

Common disorders of the urinary system ppt 

Review for Urinary Exam 



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webquest - exploration of the heart

Cardiac Exercises  

Labeling - cardiac

Cardiac PPT 

Webquest - Exploration of the heart

Project - Cardiovascular Risk Factor 

Blood powerpoint

Cardiac Disease and Treatment chart

Cardiac Diagnostic chart

Vital signs ppt

Pulse site - handout

Exam Review - Cardiovascular 




 Respiratory exercises (ehrlich).pdf


Respiratory ppt

Respiratory disorders handout

Resp. disorders ppt

Resp. treatments ppt

Respiratory Exam Review



 Combining Forms:  epididym/o, andr/o, sperm/o, vas/o, -one, -pexy, zo/o,  crypt/o, terat/o, hydr/o, balan/o, - genesis, semin/o, gon/o, varic/o

Structure and Function of the Male Reproductive System power-point

Male reproductive exercises

Male Reproduction Combining Forms Review Sheet

Reproductive system exercises from Erhlich

 Combined Male and Female Reproductive System Exam Review



 Combining Forms:  see pg 316 and 317 in your textbook.  In addition - gynec/o, episi/o and vulv/o, ovul/o and o/o, cyesis, glact/o and lact/o, nulli, multi, mamm/o

Structure and function of Female Reproductive System ppt                                        

Pregnancy and Newborn ppt

Female reproductive system terminology

female reproductive exercises

Jeopardy Exam Review for female reproduction   


 Combining Forms: skin = derm/o, dermat/o, cutane/o; nails = ungu/o and onych/o; hair = pil/i, pil/o; sweat glands = hidr/o, Sebaceous glands = seb/o; melan/o, xer/o, cauter/o, squam/o, kerat/o, xanth/o, leuk/o, lip/o, rhytid/o, trich/o phyt/o; erythem/o; lip/o

Exercises - Integumentary System

Skin  ppt



Exercises - Special senses - chapter 11



Nervous System

Vocab -   Algia, Cerebro, Comato, Encephalo, Glio, lepsy, Lepto, Myelo, Myo, Neuro, Paresis, Phasia, Radiculo, Theco, Vago

Nervous System Powerpoint

Nervous system exercises


Review for Final


Case Studies - Practice for Final Exam and Medical Terminology Competition


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