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    About Me:  I am a lover, fighter, protector, mentor, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, nurse and.... a teacher. This is my 14th year at Cypress Bay.  I am a recipient of the Broward County Recognition Program (the county equivalent to National Boards) 

I love small children as they see and experience the beauty of  everyday things we fail to notice.  I believe that in order for true learning to take place, one must become receptive to all the knowledge that the world has to offer.  When I come home after work, my son asks, "What did you teach today?"  I reply, "First, let me tell you what I learned."   I hope to provide my students with the tools to make themselves life-long learners who receive knowledge not just from reading and writing, but from watching, listening, and most of all by Doing! 

Interests:  Shopping, beach, traveling, family time, cooking and scrapbooking

Favorite TV Shows:  House (the early versions; now they are too much like "soaps"), Code Black, Chicago Med/Fire/PD, and Discovery Health (I know... once a nurse, always a nurse)

Education:   Bachelors of Science in Nursing from State University of New York (SUNY at Albany); Masters of Arts in Nursing Administration and Masters of Education in Nursing from Teacher's College, Columbia University

Contact Information:        Cypress Bay High School
                                               18600 Vista Park Blvd.
                                                Weston, Florida 33332
                                                Phone:  754-323-0350 ext 3093

                  E-mail:  carol.warnock@browardschools.com


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